“We take play seriously”

We run a series of unique programs for pre and early school aged children focused on developing motor skills as well as instilling important martial arts and life values such as self-awareness, confidence, respect, and etiquette.

Early development of motor skills between the age of 4-6 is essential to set the child on a healthy trajectory toward lifelong participation in sports and activity. Children at this age have excellent physical and mental learning conditions for basic forms of movement due to their neuroplasticity, natural love of movement and activity, love to imitate, and curiosity.

Through positively preparing the child’s skill and attitude towards movement along with the fundamental lessons of martial arts, children are empowered for a smooth transition from pre-school to early primary school and beyond, both physically and mentally.



The programs aims to develop:

• Reaction
• Balance
• Rhythm
• Orientation
• Differentiation

This is achieved through game-based activities including but not limited to:

• Locomotion (Running / Jumping / Hopping / Crawling / Skipping)
• Static & dynamic balancing
• Wrestling / Grappling
• Rolling / Spinning / Twisting
• Climbing / Supporting / Dodging
• Stopping / Landing


Jon Marshall

Dr Jon Marshall is a highly qualified instructor that started teaching kids Aikido classes under the supervision of his sensei at the tender age of 13 years old!

He has continued his career as a well respected educator in the health and fitness industries to this day. He has an extensive list of formal qualifications, amongst which include being a qualified Osteopath, Youth Fitness Specialist, and Motor Skills Learning Coach.

Dr Jon Marshall has been training in the martial arts for 35 years and holds high ranks in Japanese martial arts. Moreover, he has worked as the osteopathic doctor for the Australian Olympic Taekwondo team.

He recognises the importance of developing motor skills and valuable life skills through martial arts teachings at a young age to put children in good stead for future success in whatever they want to pursue.



Our “Wee Warrior” classes are tailored for kids aged 4-6 years old.

Classes run for 45-minute each Wednesday from 4:30-5:15pm.

We are located at The Ministry of Fitness, 06-01 Telok Ayer Street, Annex B (Above Amoy Food Centre), MND Building, 069111.

Fees are $280 per term.

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Ministry of Fitness
7 Maxwell Road,
#06-01 MND Building, Annexe B,
Singapore 069111

(Above Amoy Food Centre)

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